Demo Video for Harbingers of Spring- DVD Video

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Cast  (in order of appearance, 170 species)

__Wood Duck

__American Pipit

__Greater Sage-Grouse

__Sandhill Crane

__Dusky Grouse

__Sharp-tailed Grouse

__Gray Catbird

__Vermilion Flycatcher

__Northern Flicker

__House Finch

__Black-tailed Gnatcatcher


__Ruby-crowned Kinglet

__Indigo Bunting

__Northern Cardinal

__Northern Mockingbird

__Red Crossbill

__Northwestern Crow

__Purple Martin

__Downy Woodpecker

__Spotted Towhee


__Clark’s Grebe

__Lark Bunting

__Black-chinned Hummingbird

__Common Raven

__Common Ground-Dove

__Ash-throated Flycatcher

__White-winged Dove

__Red-tailed Hawk

__Brown Thrasher

__Magnificent Hummingbird

__Bald Eagle

__American Coot

__Rock Ptarmigan

__Eastern Bluebird

__Snowy Egret

__Ruby-throated Hummingbird

__Tree Swallow

__Great-tailed Grackle

__Northern Rough-winged Swallow

__Red-breasted Sapsucker

__Summer Tanager

__Blue-headed Vireo

__Rose-breasted Grosbeak

__Anna’s Hummingbird



__Green-winged Teal

__Green Heron

__Boat-tailed Grackle

__Canada Goose

__Lesser Goldfinch

__Long-billed Curlew

__Song Sparrow

__American Goldfinch

__Inca Dove

__Snowy Plover

__Greater Yellowlegs

__ Cinnamon Teal

__Rock Wren

__Great Black-backed Gull

__Prairie Warbler

__Broad-winged Hawk

__Virginia Rail

__Barred Owl

__Common Gallinule

__Western Meadowlark


__Great Blue Heron

__Eared Grebe

__Gambel’s Quail

__Great Horned Owl

__White Ibis

__Glossy Ibis

__Brown Pelican

__Turkey Vulture

__Least Sandpiper

__Forster’s Tern

__Swamp Sparrow

__Bullock’s Oriole

__Common Loon

__Blue Grosbeak

__Ruddy Turnstone

__Least Flycatcher

__Laughing Gull

__Fox Sparrow

__Canyon Towhee

__Magnolia Warbler

__Neotropic Cormorant

__Connecticut Warbler

__American Crow

__Hairy Woodpecker

__Great-crested Flycatcher

__ Calliope Hummingbird

__Snow Bunting

__American Robin


__California Gull

__Cassin’s Kingbird


__Marbled Godwit

__Western Grebe

__Eastern Phoebe

__Eurasian Collared-Dove

__Hermit Thrush

__Common Raven

__Greater Prairie-Chicken

__Spotted Sandpiper

__American Redstart

__White-throated Sparrow

__Chihuahuan Raven

__Black-throated Blue Warbler

__Prothonotary Warbler

__Botteri’s Sparrow

__Song Sparrow

__Golden-fronted Woodpecker

__Bendire’s Thrasher

__Carolina Wren

__Philadelphia Vireo

__Spotted Towhee

__Black-and-white Warbler

__Dark-eyed Junco

__Sharp-shinned Hawk

__Canada Warbler

__Belted Kingfisher

__Broad-billed Hummingbird

__Painted Redstart

__Roseate Spoonbill

__Elegant Trogon

__Acorn Woodpecker

__Common Yellowthroat

__Palm Warbler

__Eastern Meadowlark

__Sandwich Tern

__Rufous Hummingbird

__Yellow-headed Blackbird

__Common Grackle

__Nashville Warbler

__Savannah Sparrow


__ Broad-tailed Hummingbird

__Burrowing Owl

__Orchard Oriole

__House Wren

__Marsh Wren

__Sedge Wren

__Lesser Yellowlegs

__House Sparrow

__Wild Turkey

__Wilson’s Snipe

__Northern Harrier

__Brown-headed Cowbird

__Common Tern

__Solitary Sandpiper

__Red-winged Blackbird

__Summer Tanager

__Clark’s Nutcracker

__Orange-crowned Warbler

__Carolina Chickadee

__Juniper Titmouse

__Clay-colored Sparrow

__Blue-winged Warbler

__Scarlet Tanager

__Northern Waterthrush

__Common Goldeneye

__Common Yellowthroat

__Pied-billed Grebe

__Red-necked Grebe

__Lewis’ Woodpecker


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